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Eagle Plumbing of Frederick MD can help with all aspects of your kitchen plumbing and gas needs. 

We are Master Plumbers and Gas Installers, certified in the state of MD, and we are experts in all residential home plumbing and gas installations and repairs.

We install kitchen sinks, faucets, waste / garbage disposals, dishwashers etc. 

Looking to upgrade your kitchen to a new style? Hire the professionals at Eagle Plumbing! We offer a wide range of quality services at fair prices. 

We also install new pipework if appliances need to be relocated. 

We install water lines for refrigerators that have ice-makers, and/or provide chilled water.

If you need anything from repairing or replacing a leaking faucet to plumbing for a whole kitchen remodel, Give us a call today (240) 861-9559.

We’ll schedule a visit to see exactly what you need and discuss all the options available to help you decide on the most appropriate solution.

We are certified to work with gas.

If you have a problem with your gas oven, we can fix that for you. If you would like to install a gas oven in place of your electric oven, we can run a gas line for it.

If you have a gas range, gas stove or gas cooktop, that is not working properly, or you are thinking of installing a gas appliance, we can help.

We install gas fires too.

Do you want to replace your messy log fire, or electric fire with a gas fire? we can run a gas line to wherever you need it.

Give us a call (240) 861-9559.

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