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Backflow Testing and Prevention
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What Is Backflow Prevention?

Backflow prevention plays an essential role by keeping water flowing only in the correct direction – into your home. Simply put, backflow prevention devices protects contaminated water back into your main water supply line.

To prevent this, the most common solution is having a backflow device installed. They are required on fire sprinkler systems, lawn sprinklers, swimming pools, medical facilities, and every  type building that has piping.

The state of Maryland requires that backflow to be tested annually.

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Backflow Is A Serious Issue

This problem can be a nightmare for you if it ever arises. Unfortunately, it is not an easy fix. Only a certified professional can perform a backflow test, which the state of Maryland requires all backflow systems to be tested annually.

Our technicians at Eagle Plumbing work frequently in both commercial and residential areas and can take care of this for you. Just give us and call and schedule an appointment at your convenience. 

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What Are The Causes of Backflow?

Your plumbing system is normally kept under pressure but when it loses pressure it can take contaminated water backwards into your home and even into the city water system. Some common causes to backflow incidents are the following:

  • Frozen pipes

  • Pipe bursts 

  • Abnormally high water usage

  • Widespread power outage

  • Broken water main 

  • Improperly installed new equipment

  • Plumbing work draining entire house

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Source ASPE.org

How can we help with your backflow concerns?

Has Your Home Been Tested For Possible Backflow Issues?

Although backflow may seem common, it can be very lethal to your home. Because we want our clients to remain safe, we put forth every effort and ounce of our expertise to ensure your backflow prevention system is in top condition and working properly. Our plumbers can perform:

  • Backflow water prevention

  • Backflow prevention inspections

  • Backflow prevention repair

  • And much more

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